How to Partner Dance

Dance is not about the steps, but the intention.

I love partner dancing, and whenever some good music comes up and I’m in the mood, I go and invite my friends to the floor. Some of my friends would complain “I don’t know how to dance.”

“That’s nonsense”, I’d say. “Anyone who can walk can do partner dancing.”

“I’ve got two left feet.”

“Do you hear the beat? Now let’s step ‘one’ ‘two’ ‘one’ two’”

By this time we’re stepping along with the music. I’ll eventually lead her around the floor, all while still stepping in beat. Sometimes, they realize that they are moving and their feet start stuttering.

“Don’t think, and let me guide you.”

Then something magical happens.

We start dancing.

When we speak with friends, we don’t think about the words to say. We think about what we want to say—and then say it.

The same is true for dance. You don’t think about which foot to step, or which direction to face. You think “I want to go there,” or “I want to stay close to him” and there you are.

By not thinking about the steps, you start making space in your head for enjoyment.

And that is ultimately the point of dancing (and more importantly, communication).