Writing History on Your Own Terms

HTC just posted a brilliant blog entry titled “A Brief History of Photography.” It’s a short infographic that details the experience of photographic technology from two centuries ago until the present.

What’s really clever is that they’ve inserted themselves in history. The message is subtle yet clear: HTC will become part of this particular retelling of history.

Maybe your product isn’t that well known enough to be included in the History of Mankind, or even the History of insert country here, but is there a niche or genre where you are history in the making?

The challenge then is finding out which niche or genre that is, and making sure the mark you leave behind is indelible, (enough that people will take the history you’re making as the canonical one) cementing your place in the timeline.

You or your product may not be around forever, but the history you’ve contributed to is an inexpensive path to immortality.